Wizard Academies - Rumpots, Crackpots, and Pooka-Mazed Halfwits

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The first novella-length Wizard Academies book relates fascinating tales of magickally-gifted kids at a school that isn't quite right ... Some wizard schools are highly-accredited and well-respected. Others are smaller but serve elite clientele with high academic standards. By way of contrast, Gallimaufriars Academy in Cumbria barely meets Ministry of Wizardry criteria. Corwyn Daniels faces problems a bit more challenging than most wizardlings encounter: * How do you catch a Black Dragon? * What's a Pestheckler? * Where did the school's prized Sand Djinn Dervish go? * Why is Gwynn ap Nudd hunting Misty Callaghan? * How do I cast a spell when the Wild Hunt's after me? Corwyn really has his work cut out for him. You'll delight in the magickal misadventures of a boy from the LEAST influential Wizard Academy in Britain -- run by professors that other schools refer to as ""a bunch of rumpots, crackpots, and pooka-mazed halfwits ...""

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