Introduction to Criminology

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This ninth edition of Introduction to Criminology provides a comprehensive introduction to the study of lawmaking, lawbreaking, and reactions to crime.


Chapter 1: Crime and Criminality Chapter 2: Crime Data and the Methods of Criminology Chapter 3: Violent Crime Chapter 4: Violence against Women and Children Chapter 5: Nonviolent Theft Chapter 6: White-Collar Crime Chapter 7: Drugs, Prostitution, and Organized Crime Chapter 8: Criminology and Criminal Justice Chapter 9: Criminological Theory: Roots and Branches Chapter 10: Classical and Rational Choice Theories Chapter 11: Biological, Psychological, and Evolutionary Theories of Crime 12 Chapter 12: Social Structural Theories of Crime Chapter 13: Social Process Theories of Crime Chapter 14: Critical Theories of Crime Chapter 15: General and Integrated Theories of Crime Chapter 16 Epilogue Criminological Theory


David Kauzlarich is associate professor and chair of the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice Studies at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, and the author of Crimes Of The American Nuclear State: At Home and Abroad. Hugh D. Barlow is professor emeritus of sociology and criminal justice studies at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and the author of Dead for Good: Martyrdom and the Rise of the Suicide Bomber.


The ninth edition of Barlow and Kauzlarich continues the tradition of presenting the field of criminology to students with a combination of intellectual excitement and contemporary flair. This is an outstanding textbook! -- Ronald C. Kramer, professor of sociology and director of the criminal justice program at Western Michigan University In the latest edition of Kauzlarich and Barlow's Introduction to Criminology, we are treated to one of the richest sources of information and scholarly reflections about the nature, meaning, scope, and causes of crime and criminal behavior available. The text is ripe with contemporary empirical research characterizing various forms of street crime, white collar crime, crime by the government, public order crime, and crimes by juveniles, females, and adults in general. In sum, I strongly recommend this book for use in classrooms. -- Gary Feinberg, chair, The Department of Social Sciences and Counseling, St. Thomas University This superb text offers students an engaging and richly informative survey of criminology. Its special strengths include a coherent, well-organized typological approach to crime, systematic exposure of commonplace myths about criminals and criminal justice, and an in-depth, critical examination of the whole range of criminological theories. Kauzlarich and Barlow have made significant, independent contributions to criminological knowledge. -- David O. Friedrichs, professor of sociology and criminal justice & Distinguished University Fellow at the University of Scranton, and author of T
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