Criminal Justice and the Policy Process

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August 2008



Criminal Justice and the Policy Process develops a synthesized policy making model that explains how complex justice policy is developed, implemented, and evaluated. Unlike other texts, this study weaves together important aspects of several competing explanations of policy choice into a single model. Further, this text emphasizes the importance of implementing policy as an important component in the ultimate outcome of policy decisions. The book fills a void in introducing students to the policy making process coupled with the importance of justice administration as a component. Important themes throughout the book include the role of the media, special interests, elite policy makers, and discretion.


Part 1 Preface Chapter 2 Overview of Public Policy Analysis Chapter 3 Influences on Criminal Justice Policy Chapter 4 How Crime Policy Is Made Chapter 5 The Policy Cycle Applied to the Crime Issue Chapter 6 Mission Statements and Policies and Procedures Chapter 7 Planning and the Policy Process Chapter 8 Tools for the Criminal Justice Policy Analyst Chapter 9 Improving Crime Policy in Theory and Practice


James G. Houston is Professor of Criminal Justice at Grand Valley State University. Phlilip B. Bridgmon is Chair and Associate Professor at the University of North Alabama. Bill Parsons is Professor and Chair of Political Science and Leadership Studies at St. Ambrose University.
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