Pro Office 2007 Development with VSTO

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November 2008



Experienced author Ty Anderson cuts to the chase in explaining how professional Microsoft Office 2007 solution developers get the job done. Ty is a professional Microsoft application developer working each and every day with the Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) technology, and his real-world experience will teach you exactly what you need to know to excel in your professional development career. Pro Office 2007 Development with VSTO takes you far beyond traditional Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming, showing you how to transform Microsoft Office 2007 into a complete enterprise application development platform. By the end of the book, you will be creating your own powerful, customized Office business applications (OBAs), using the techniques Ty has taught you throughout. The author demonstrates how to leverage all aspects of the Microsoft Office application platform (covering Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Visio, and InfoPath) so you can create OBAs that increase information worker productivity, unlock business data stored in documents, reduce end-user training costs, increase developer productivity, and reduce IT operations costs. This book takes you beyond the basics of VSTO with expert topics such as automation with the Office application object models and includes detailed examples throughout.


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Ty Anderson is a partner at Cogent Company in Dallas, Texas. He spends his time consulting and building software using Microsoft technologies. In addition to consulting, Ty is a Microsoft "Most Valuable Professional" and writes frequently about Microsoft products including Visual Studio Tools for Office, SharePoint, Office, and SQL Server, and his work has been published on MSDN, Devx.com, DevSource.com, Simple-Talk.com, and CIO.com. Those who know Ty best stand in awe and amazement of two things: 1) His incredible good looks and 2) his cynical and sarcastic (and sometimes offensive) behavior. Look for him at any tech conference as he will be wearing his yellow Oakland Athletics hat. Say hello, and as he might just offer to buy you pint. Ty presented sessions at 2009 Tech-Ed and was a speaker at the fall 2009 DevConnections conference. You can read his latest ramblings on all things technical at his blog: http://www.officedeveloper.net.
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