The Labour Party and Constitutional Reform: A History of Constitutional Conservatism

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Examines the Labour Party's approach to constitutional reforms in historical context, and how these have been pursued more to 'modernize' political institutions, rather that radically transform them. Explains the reasons for this constitutional conservatism, and the debates which specific reform proposals have prompted in the Party.


Introduction: The Labour Party and Constitutional Reform Electoral Reform The House of Commons The House of Lords Reform The Civil Service Open Government and Freedom of Information Scottish Devolution Welsh Devolution English Regionalism  Northern Ireland Conclusion: A Century of Constitutional Conservatism Bibliography


PETER DOREY  is Reader in British Politics at Cardiff University, UK. He has published widely on various aspects of post-1945 British politics and public policy. His previous books include The Conservative Party and the Trade Unions, Policy Making in Britain: an Introduction, The Labour Governments, 1964-1970 and Wage Politics in Britain.


'...this book is an absolute must for all British constitution specialists. Dorey's writing is comprehensive and engaging. It is a fairly rare occurrence to find an academic book that can provide you with an informative and rather enjoyable afternoon's reading, but this one certainly does. Dorey considers the huge issue with a deft touch, providing both insight and explanation of the often rather complex views of the Labour party. His research is extensive and thorough, and he covers a wide variety of policy areas, highlighting both the consistency and, in some cases, the inconsistency of the views of certain sections of the party...I cannot recommend this book enough to both Labour party specialists and constitutional experts. It is a must for bookshelves and an extremely useful addition to both undergraduate and postgraduate reading lists.' - Victoria Honeyman, Political Studies Review 'This study presents a strong, well-researched, forceful and insightful argument, and will undoubtedly provide the platform for more research and debate on the party's attitude towards constitutional reform.' - Mark J Crowley, 20th Century British History 'The book is a very useful addition to the literature on constitutional reform...Dorey's charting of evolving party policy towards the various constitutional issues under examination is detailed and insightful...The book will serve as a valuable source to those who wish to know more about how the Labour Party developed the various policy platforms it adopted throughout its history, and how these fed into the reform package pursued in government after 1997...' Parliamentary History
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