The Political Economy of East Asia: Regional and National Dimensions

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September 2008



In a systematic study of the political economy of East Asia, Cai adopts an historical perspective alongside a contemporary focus, exploring East Asia's development since the late 19th century. Following similar paths to economic development, East Asian states have achieved economic success, integrating themselves into a regional economy.


Introduction The Historical Origin of the Political Economy of East Asia, 1895-1945 The External Setting and Internal Dynamics in the Post-1945 Era The Japanese Political Economy since 1945 The South Korean Political Economy since 1945 The Taiwanese Political Economy since 1945 The Chinese Political Economy since 1949 The Political Economy of Regional Integration in East Asia Conclusion


Kevin G. Cai


'This book is destined to be a standard reference on East Asian political economy for years to come. Its historical sweep, along with an ability to focus on contemporary developments in a thoughtful way, distinguishes Cai's treatment from others in the field.' Patrick James, Director of Center for International Studies, University of Southern California 'This volume is a much-awaited contribution to the study of complex internal and external, and regional and national dynamics of the political economy in East Asia. It will certainly become required reading for students of East Asia. Jae Ho Chung, Professor and Chair of the Department of International Relations, Seoul National University 'Given the growing regionalization of world economy and accelerating Asian economic integration, a comprehensive and systemic survey on the political economy of East Asia is more significant than ever. This book provides a timely contribution to pressing academic needs." To-hai Liou, Professor of Diplomacy and Director, the Center for Australian Studies, College of International Affairs, National Chengchi University, Taiwan 'East Asia now has everyone's attention. In this systematic and insightful study, Kevin Cai documents the unique combination of national initiative and regional integration that converted East Asia from a backward and easily ignored region into a global powerhouse, on the verge of recasting the foundations of the international economy.' Ken S. Coates, co-author of Japan and the Internet Revolution and Innovation Nation, is the President of the Japan Studies Association of Canada.
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