Contemporary British Fascism: The British National Party and the Quest for Legitimacy

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August 2008



No other political party in the history of Britain's fascist tradition has been as successful at the ballot box as today's British National Party (BNP). This thoroughly revised and updated edition of Contemporary British Fascism  offers an in-depth study of the BNP and its quest for social and political legitimacy.


â¿¿Back to Frontâ¿¿: John Tyndall and the Origins of the British National Party
The Struggle for the Soul of British Nationalism
A False Dawn in Tower Hamlets: The British National Party in the 1990s
Fascism on the Fringe: The Ideology of Tyndallâ¿¿s British National Party
New Millennium New Leader: Nick Griffin and the Modernization of the British National Party, 1999â¿¿2001
Out of Obscurity: The Rise of the British National Party, 2001â¿¿2003
Successes and Setbacks: The British National Party since 2004
The British National Party in Comparative Context


NIGEL COPSEY is Reader in Modern History at the University of Teesside (UK). The author of Anti-Fascism in Britain, and co-editor of British Fascism, the Labour Movement and the State, he has published widely on British right-wing extremism, fascism and anti-fascism.


'Copsey's updated book on the BNP is essential reading for political scientists and extremism-watchers who want to gain deeper insight into the evolution of the extreme right in Britain. It also presents a meticulous case study in the way the irresistible forces of virulent racism and fascism that dominated crisis-stricken inter-war Europe are prepared to cynically domesticate and 'democratize' themselves to survive in a contemporary world of globalization, multiculturalism, and mindless consumerism in their pursuit of the chimera of national rebirth.' - Roger Griffin, Professor of Modern History, Oxford Brookes University, UK
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