Foreign Policy and the French Revolution: Charles-Francois Dumouriez, Pierre LeBrun, and the Belgian Plan, 1789-1793

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This study of the French Revolution reveals that from March 1792 to April 1793, French foreign policy was dominated not by the leaders of the French revolutionary government, but by two successive French foreign ministers, Charles-Francois Dumouriez and Pierre LeBrun.


Pierre LeBrun and the Liégeois Revolution Charles François Dumouriez and the Conception of the Belgian Plan The Legislative Assembly and the Revolution in French Foreign Policy Dumouriez's Revolution in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dumouriez and LeBrun Revive the Belgian Plan Dumouriez and LeBrun Implement the Belgian Plan Stalemate in the Belgian Provinces Diplomatic and Military Efforts to Avoid a Wider War The Belgian Plan Unravels The Collapse of the Belgian Plan


PATRICIA CHASTAIN HOWE is Associate Professor of History at the University of St. Thomas, USA.


"This is a significant project and the archival research that has gone into it is impressive. Howe offers a striking new interpretation of French foreign policy during this period, arguing that the 'Belgian Plan' of Charles Dumouriez and Pierre LeBrun was embraced by the Girondin political leadership and played an important role in the domestic political wrangles of 1792-93."--Paul Hanson, Butler University "This is a rich book, full of fresh and original research, that makes a compelling case for the centrality of foreign policy to understanding the era of the French Revolution."--Marc Lerner, The University of Mississippi
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