Systemic Therapy and Attachment Narratives

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Explores how attachment-based ideas can be used in clinical practice. This book shows how to use these ideas through the integrated approach of 'attachment narrative therapy'. It is suitable for a range of mental health professionals, including, family therapists, child, adolescent and adult psychotherapists, and clinical psychologists.


Byren-Hall, Foreword. Introduction. Systemic Therapy and Attachment Narratives: Guiding Framework for Formulation and Therapy. Life-cycle Transitions and Attachment Narratives. Emotion Regulation: Aggression, ADHD and Violence in Families. Love and Sexuality: Systemic Therapy and Attachment Narratives: Applications with Couples. Trauma and Dissociation. Loss, Grief and Attachment. Problems of Addiction: Alcohol Dependency and Eating Distress. Formats for Exploration. Reflections and Conclusions.


Rudi Dallos is the Programme Director of the Plymouth University Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. He also works as a clinical psychologist specialising in work with adolescents and their families. Arlene Vetere is Deputy Director of Clinical Psychology Doctorate training at Surrey University and a family therapist, registered with the UKCP. She is also President of the European Family Therapy Association.


"This book is a treasure and will benefit all family therapists, researchers and trainees. I learned a lot which has widened my perspectives of the field." - John Byng-Hall, from the Foreword "Dallos and Vetere bring together systemic, attachment and narrative theories, not with the intention of creating yet another new technique but as a way of broadening how we already work in therapy... I highly recommend this book for students and experienced practitioners. It was enjoyable to read and its format means that it can be used as a valuable reference resource." - Angie Davey, Journal of Family Therapy, 2009 "Dallos and Vetere have authored a cleanly written, conceptually informed, and clinically instructive text that offers valuable guidance for conducting their form of family therapy. Readers will appreciate their concise formulations of family relationship problems, and practitioners will find their recommendations useful in their work with troubled families." - Irving B. Weiner, APA Journals PsycCRITIQUES, Vol. 54 "Overall, this book is one that I will cherish as a clinician as it has broadened my perspective about relationships within families. It is a book that most clinicians who are interested in these theories would find quite beneficial in greatly improving their understanding of relationships as well as positively influencing their practice with families. It is a book that I have a learned so much from and has changed my work for the better and I highly recommend it to other clinicians." - Cheryl Comiskey, Feedback: The journal of the Family Therapy Association of Ireland
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