Cracking the Gender Lens

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Januar 2014



Gender has developed as an important 'public and political' category throughout the Twentieth Century in BC and Canada as the basis of feminist demands on society and governments. In 2007, gender has become 'privatized' and increasingly erased from government institutions. The de-politicization of gender in Canada is an example of a shifting social consciousness and political discourse that avoids a critical perspective on the social context and places an increasing emphasis on the individual. A new critical discourse must grapple with these challenges, emerge at some distance from government and coincide with a political activism that has resonance in women's lives.


Theresa Gerritsen is a feminist activist for women's equality. She has worked in the field of anti-violence against women for ten years and is Executive Director of the Cowichan Women Against Violence Society in Duncan, BC in Canada. She completed the requirements for her Masters Degree in Political Science at the University of Victoria in 2007.
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