Theatres of the Troubles: Theatre, Resistance and Liberation in Ireland

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Dezember 2008



The first book to document grass roots popular theatres which developed from within the working class Republican and Loyalist communities of Belfast and Derry during the latest phase of the four hundred year conflict between Ireland and Britain.


Acknowledgements Chronology of Key Events Glossary of Terms 1. Introduction 2. The Historical Context 3. 'Gentle Fury': Father Des and the People's Theatre 4. 'At the Heart of the Struggle': the plays of Belfast Community Theatre 5. 'From Pedagogy of the Oppressed to Theatre of the Oppressed': the H Block Theatres 6. Derry Frontline: a template for liberation 7. Staging the Peace (1) Dubbeljoint at Amharclann na Carraige 8. Staging the Peace (2) the plays of Laurence McKeown and Brian Campbell 9. 'Not a Profession but a Movement': politics, theatre and Republicanism 10. 'Only Catholics Combine': Loyalism and theatre 11. Last Words Bibliography


Bill McDonnell is Senior Lecturer in Theatre at the University of Sheffield. He has worked both as an actor and writer and was founder and co-director of Theatreworks, Sheffield. He is co-author of Social Impact in UK Theatre (with Dominic Shellard, Arts Council England, 2006).


"'To read Tom Maguire's illuminating, ground-breaking study Making Theatre in Northern Ireland, you begin to understand to what degree Northern Ireland's writers have been hemmed in and corralled by the Troubles [...] It brings the discussion of theatre in Northern Ireland to a new level and will prove indispensable for practitioners, students and the public from now on.' (Irish Theatre, Autumn 2007) 'This book gives a sense of the lived experience of the troubles as depicted in a very broad range of dramatic productions where the effects of political strife are performed by characters [...] Tom Maguire, in short, is a class act!' (The Irish Book Review, Spring 2007)"
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