Gus Is a Tree

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September 2008



Another charmer in the Gus series with stunning illustrations collaged with photo elements of the forest.


Claire Babin is a children's book editor in Paris, France, who specializes in music. She is the author of many children's books, including the Gus series. In these books she invites the reader to enter into Gus's games and daydreams. Her writing is supple and perfectly pitched to a child's imagination. Olivier Tallec was born in Brittany in 1970. After graduating from the Ecole Superieure d'Art graphique in Paris he worked in advertising as a graphic designer, after which he devoted himself to illustration. Since then he has done numerous illustrations for newspapers and magazines and has illustrated over 50 books for children.


Wisconsin Great Lakes Book List 2010-2011
"In addition to the stunning illustrations and lyric narrative, Gus is a Tree has a helpful photo index of forest words that helps further define tree existence. It will capture your readers' interest and teach effortlessly." - "Midwest Book Review"
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