Osteosynthesis in the Hand: Current Concepts

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Juni 2008



Fracture fixation in osteoporotic bone, fixed angle implants, bone morphogenic proteins - these are just a few of the phrases recently heard in discussions on contemporary osteosynthesis. Featuring the proceedings of the 2008 congress of the Federation of European Societies for Surgery of the Hand (FESSH) held in Lausanne, this book provides a comprehensive overview of the state of the art and summarizes the various new developments in osteosynthesis. Basic scientific papers and contributions reporting important clinical applications by leaders in their fields highlight some recent issues such as fracture fixation under special conditions, new implant designs, bone substitutes and outcome measurement after fracture treatment. Hand surgeons, orthopedic and trauma surgeons as well as researchers with an interest in fracture treatment of the upper extremity will find this publication of great interest.


Foreword; The AO Surgery Reference: A Source of Knowledge in Fracture Treatment: Redies, M.; Fracture Healing: The Evolution of Our Understanding: Perren, S.M.; Mechanical Aspects of Implants Used for Osteosynthesis: Frigg, R.; The Relevance of Implant Surfaces in Hand Fracture Fixation: Richards, R.G.; Pharmaceutical Agents for Acceleration of Bone Growth: Vogelin, E.; Fracture Management in Osteoporotic Bone: Perren, S.M.; Blauth, M.; Angular Stable Fixation in the Hand: Where Does It Make Sense? Fricker, R.; Bone Graft Substitutes in the Radius and Upper Limb: Ladd, A.L.; Pliam, N.B.; Yao, J.; Resorbable Materials for Osteosynthesis: Eglin, D.; Osteosynthesis in Replantation Surgery: Irisarri, C.; Total Wrist Fusion in Rheumatoid Arthritis: A New Perspective on Plate Fixation: Gonzalez del Pino, J.; Osteosynthesis in Corrective Osteotomy: Chow, Y.-Y.; Osteosynthesis in Growing Wrists: Zimmermann, R.; Schmiedle, G.; Arora, R.; Lutz, M.; Gabl, M.; Soft Tissue Complications in Osteosynthesis: Tay, S.C.; Theo, L.C.; Osteosynthesis of the Upper Extremity in the Presence of Infection: Diagnosis and Treatment Rationale: Calcagni, M.; Tami, I.; Giovanoli, P.; Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: Wiegand, M.R.; Outcome Measurement after Osteosynthesis of the Distal Radius: Goldhahn, J.; Angst, F.; Germann, G.; Harth, A.; Simmen, B.R.; Herren, D.B.; Tips, Tricks and Pearls of Osteosynthesis: Weiss, A.-P.C.
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