Determinants of Innovative Behaviour: A Firm's Internal Practices and Its External Environment

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Dezember 2008



A rich overview of current research on determinants of innovative behaviour. It is a unique work as it illuminates these from different perspectives such as, economics, management and psychology. Using several methods of analysis, it shows what specific determinants are predominant in explaining firm performance on innovation.


C. van Beers, A.Kleinknecht, R. Ortt and R.Verburg PART I: INTERNAL ORGANIZATION Business Strategy, Human Resource Management and Corporate Performance: Evidence from Small Firms in the UK and US;
J. Michie and M. Sheehan Where People Provide the Impetus: HRM Practices, Employee Job Satisfaction and Innovation;
H. Shipton and D. Fay Skill Endowment and R&D Investment: Evidence from Microdata;
M. Piva and M. Vivarelli PART II: LINKING INTERNAL TO EXTERNAL ORGANIZATION Design the Organization for Innovation;
V. Chiesa and F. Frattini Exploring Knowledge Flows and Losses in the 'Open Innovation' Age;
P. Trott The Role of Knowledge Clusters in R&D Acquisition and Innovation Success;
T. Brodt and S. Knoll E-collaboration in the Automotive Supply Chain: Determinants and Impacts on Performance;
E. Lefebvre, L. A. Lefebvre, A. Amarouch, L. Cassivi and G. Le Hen Innovation and Labour Productivity in the Swiss Manufacturing Sector: An Analysis on Firms Panel Data;
S. Arvanitis Financial Constraints and R&D Investment: Evidence from CIS;
A. K.Tiwari, P. Mohnen, F. C. Palm, S. Schim van der Loeff PART III: EXTERNAL ORGANIZATION Technology Diffusion and Innovation: The Importance of Domrstic and Foreign Sources;
H. Lööf Industry Specialization, Diversity and the Efficiency of Regional Innovation Systems;
M. Fritsch and V. Slavtchev


Edited By Cees van Beers, Alfred Kleinknecht, Roland Ortt and Robert Verburg


'For researchers, the book provides a good load of information and rich reference.' -Journal of Product Innovation Management
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