France Since 1870

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Widely praised when it was first published, this new edition has been brought up to the present with new final chapters, and thoroughly revised to take into account the latest research. It now includes maps and more coverage of key topics such as: racial strife, colonial difficulties, the Vichy regime, and the nature of the French extreme right.


List of Maps .- Preface .- Acknoweldgements .- Abbreviations .- French Regimes since 1789 .- Maps .- PART I: THE BIRTH OF THE THIRD REPUBLIC, 1870-1885 .- France in 1870 .- The Franco-Prussian War and the Paris Commune, 1870-71 .- The Triumph of the Republicans, 1871-85 .- The Cultural Bases of Republicanism .- PART II: TESTING TIME FOR THE REPUBLIC, 1885-1918 .- Challenges to the Republic (1): Constructing the Modern Right .- Challenges to the Republic (2): Constructing the Modern Left .- The Cultural Revolution of the Belle Epoque .- The Great War 1914-18 .- PART III: THE DECLINE OF THE THIRD REPUBLIC, 1919-40 .- France after the War 1919-28 .- France in the Depression 1929-35 .- The Popular Front 1936-7 .- Culture Between the Wars .- The Fall of France 1938-1940 .- PART IV: THE VICHY INTERLUDE AND ITS AFTERMATH, 1940-6 .- Vichy in Power, 1940-2 .- Resistance and Liberation, 1942-4 .- Liberated France 1944-6 .- Existentialism: Culture of the Resistance? .- PART V: THE FOURTH REPUBLIC, 1946-58 .- Vietnam War, Cold War, 1946-54 .- The 1950s Of Coke and Culture .- The Algerian War Erupts, 1954-7 .- The Fall of the Fourth Republic,1958 .- PART VI: THE GAULLIST REPUBLIC, 1958-81 .- De Gaulle in Power, 1958-68 .- Cultural Explosion: New Theory, New Cinema, New Novel .- Social Explosion: May '68 .- The Gaullist Republic Under Pompidou and Giscard, 1969-81 .- PART VII: THE GAULLIST REPUBLIC AFTER DE GAULLE, 1981-95 .- 'Socialist France'? 1981-8 .- Mitterrand in Decline, 1988-95 .- From Juppe to Jospin, 1995-2002 .- Toward Sarkozy's Republic, 2002-7 .- Conclusion: The End of 'the French Exception'? .- Notes .- Suggestions for Further Reading .- Index.


Charles Sowerwine, Professor of History, University of Melbourne, Australia


'The second edition retains all the characteristics which made the first edition such a success: a good balance of attention to detail and awareness of the 'bigger picture' throughout; appropriate coverage of recent historiographical developments; and a welcome focus on cultural, including gender, issues.' - Stephen Tyre, University of St. Andrews, UK
'A vivid, detailed and nuanced account of republican France which ranges into areas rarely covered by survey texts. The revisions and additions in this new edition - in particular, Professor Sowerwine's new assessment of the post-Mitterand period  - will ensure that, like its predecessor, it is essential reading for all students of modern France.' - Nick Carter, University of New South Wales, Australia
'In my view, Sowerwine's text is by far the best survey of modern French history since 1870 now available. It is particularly strong on French cultural history, while offering a wide and effectively presented picture of a complex and fascinating period.' - John Merriman, Yale University, USA
'Professor Sowerwine gives his readers a superb introduction to modern France. The strengths of this book include exceptionally strong coverage of cultural history and unusually thorough coverage of the contemporary era. The new edition continues such strengths while increasing the treatment of topics such as military history and extending his analysis to the Sarkozy era. This is an impressive achievement.' - Steven C. Hause, Washington University in St Louis, USA
'Thoroughly updated throughout to reflect the latest scholarship and with two entirely new chapters on developments since 1995 up to 2007, this splendid volume is a highly readable tour de force of synthesis, organization, and interpretation. Sowerwine masterfully weaves women's history and cultural history into the narrative of political and economic developments and tackles important contemporary issues such as immigration, parité, the PaCS, France's position on the Iraq War, and its relationship to the European Union. This second edition of France Since 1870 will quickly take its place as the text of reference for undergraduates, graduate students, and practicing historians alike.' - Laura L. Frader, Northeastern University, USA
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