Health and Health Care in the Nation's Prisons: Issues, Challenges, and Policies

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This book presents a comprehensive and up-to-date view on what is wrong with the prison health care system in the United States, the challenges facing prisons, and recommendations for addressing issues and problems in correctional systems. In addition to an overview of the most common prison health care problems, this book provides a unique assessment of the needs of largely-overlooked prison populations, including women, people of color, and older adults.


Part 1 Part I. Context Chapter 2 Chapter 1. Introduction Chapter 3 Chapter 2. Demographics Chapter 4 Chapter 3. Social Inequalities Chapter 5 Chapter 4. Political and Ethical Considerations Part 6 Part II. Health Needs, Approaches, and Finances Chapter 7 Chapter 5. High-Profile Health Needs Chapter 8 Chapter 6. Low-Profile Health Care Needs Chapter 9 Chapter 7. Death and Dying Chapter 10 Chapter 8. Approaches and Service Delivery Models Chapter 11 Chapter 9. Expensive Treatments to Health Care is a Privilege or a Right? Part 12 Part III. Recommendations Chapter 13 Chapter 10. Recommendations


Melvin Delgado is professor of social work and chair of macro-practice at Boston University School of Social Work. Denise Humm-Delgado is associate professor of social work at the Simmons School of Social Work.


The book presents a thorough discussion regarding the concerns among health care professionals within the correctional setting about the equality of health care given to the incarcerated population... Health and Health Care in the Nation's Prisons is a well-rounded book that provides those who are currently in the correctional health care setting, as well as those who are interested in the field, a glimpse of what is going on and what the future holds... I recommend that anyone interested in correctional health care take the time to read this book. Corrections Compendium, Fall 2009 Well-documented book. Recommended. CHOICE, September 2009
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