Learning from a Major Change Initiative

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Mai 2008



This book reveals the learnings from a complex change initiative implemented globally at an international software corporation. Like most organizations operating in a highly competitive environment, employees develop the ability to react quickly to constant change leaving little time for reflection and learning. This research was aimed at learning for the future, allowing leaders and organizations to fine-tune their approach to dealing with change going forward. The research explores such topics as the role of change leadership, communication, training, executive visibility and how to prepare people for transition and the pain of change. It concludes with best practices which are applicable to any major organizational change. It also provides four distinct change checklists for executives, change leaders, managers and participants. This no-nonsense book combining literature review and action research will be particularly useful to change leaders, executives, managers, consultants or anyone impacted by organizational change.


Philippe Kott is President and founder of Kott Innovative Leadership Inc., a consulting firm focused on leadership development and executive coaching. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Concordia University in Montreal and a Masters degree in Leadership and Training from Royal Roads University in Victoria. www.kottinnovativeleadership.com
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