Impact of Bilingual and English-only Instructional Approaches

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Mai 2008



With the Hispanic population projected to reach majority status in Texas by 2020, it is imperative to implement effective instructional programs in public schools that will prepare groups of English-language learners to function in the work force or in higher education. This book presents a causal-comparative study conducted with three groups of fourth-grade English-language learners who participated, for an extended period of time, in transitional bilingual education, dual language bilingual education, or in an English-only instructional setting. The author includes historical, theoretical, and current research in the field of bilingual education. This book was written for educators, parents, and policy makers whose decisions directly impact the educational opportunities and future lives of English-language learners.


Rebecca Fralick, Ed.D., has taught in bilingual and special education classrooms. Dr. Fralick has personally experienced the advantages of learning English in public schools while remaining literate in her native language. In her first book, she presents her doctoral research endeavor. Dr. Fralick is a Program Specialist in Federal Way, WA.
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Untertitel: A Comparative Study of English-language Learners who Participated in a Transitional Bilingual Model, a Dual Bilingual Model, or English-only Instruction. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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