Analog Filter Techniques

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Mai 2008



Analog filters are vital building blocks in many modern electronic systems; their integration on-chip reduces size and cost due to the absence or limited use of external components. However, since lossless inductors cannot be integrated efficiently, it is necessary to emulate them using active circuitry. This issue adds many challenges to filter design because the use of active circuitry introduces noise and non-linearity to the system. Considerable attention to these undesirable properties is required, especially in the area of communications where high frequency signals with large dynamic range under low power constraints are critical. In this book, several design techniques are proposed and analyzed to obtain high frequency operation, high linearity, low noise and low power budget. The implementation of filters using these techniques, achieves figures of merit in and above the trend-line of other currently reported architectures. This material is intended for engineers, researchers, professors and students who are interested in the area of integrated continuous-time filters.


Artur Lewinski, Ph.D: Studied Electrical Engineering at Texas A&M University. Integrated Circuit Designer, Texas Instruments Inc.
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