The Debate on Fox Hunting

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Mai 2008



?I was interested in fox hunting because it is fascinating how a blood sport could survive till 2005 in a country where the first animal welfare organisation was founded as early as 1824. The thesis examines the social and cultural changes that have taken place in Great Britain, with special regard to the development of sport and the various ideologies about sports. I will illustrate these changes in perception through fox hunting, showing how they led to the debate and finally to a complete ban on this traditional sport.?
Through four chapters I will present the ideologies about sport and the arguments of both the pro- and the anti-hunter side. The last, fifth chapter shows some possible ways by which fox hunting might be brought to an English lesson for foreign students. The thesis can be beneficial to students having special cultural interest and teachers of English language.


BOGYÓ Ágota, studied English Grammar, Literature and Communication, specialized in Public Relations at Kodolányi János University College, Székesfehérvár, Hungary.
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