The Sherpa Leadership Model

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Mai 2008



Classical and emerging paradigms of leadership are different when examined from a male or female perspective. Some key questions in leadership studies pertain to the influencing factors in the development of leadership styles and the general principles underlying research and theories described in the leadership literature, including social sources, Zeitgeist, and the psychological matrix of leadership. This book presents a study that examined women's psychological investment in the mission of achieving organizational goals and related processes, the role of leadership during such processes, and the behaviors attributed to success or stoppage. Stoppage, in this case, refers to women who lead others to a successful summit and, then, step aside. Investigating these issues, the author applied The Sherpa Leadership Model, a new model developed by her, resulting in an understanding of the underlying reasoning in women's decision-making processes and the changes or actions resulting from such reasoning by the women themselves.


Anita M. Cassard, Ph.D. is a leadership consultant with over 20 years of domestic and international business experience across diverse sectors. Dr. Cassard is a frequent speaker both nationally and regionally, and maintains an active commitment to the development of women in leadership through various organizations and activities. She has received numerous recognition awards, and currently lives in Minneapolis, where she is working on her next book.
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