The Effect of Implementing a University Content-Methods Calculus I Course

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Mai 2008



In response to recent research studies calling for the need to better educate and prepare mathematics and science teachers, this quantitative study examined the feasibility of implementing a content-methods Calculus I course into a university secondary mathematics and science certification program. The content-methods Calculus I course contained the complete university introductory calculus curriculum along with discussion and modeling of pedagogy for teaching. As a follow up to prior research by the author relative to the content-methods course, in this current study, 35 preservice students completed a survey that examined their attitudes toward the value and relevance of the content-methods course. Treatment students were administered the survey only after they had completed at least 2 field-based teaching experience courses within their certification program. The results of this research could lead to changes in the courses that secondary mathematics and science preservice programs offer with the goal of creating a more effective teacher workforce.


Mark Daniels has a dual appointment as a Clinical Associate Professor in both the UTeach Program, College of Natural Sciences, and in the mathematics department at the University of Texas in Austin.
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