Culture and Customs of Cuba

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November 2000



Cuba continues to loom large in U.S. consciousness and politics. Culture and Customs of Cuba is a much-needed resource to give students and other readers an in-depth view of our important island neighbor. Luis, of Cuban descent, provides detailed, clear insight into Cuban culture in its historical context. Religion, customs, economy, media, performing and creative arts, and cinema are some of the many topics discussed. Included in this discussion are contributions of Cubans in exile which Luis considers an inherent part of Cuban culture. Encouraging a wider understanding of Cuba, this volume describes and highlights the cultures and customs of the island. Cuba, as one will learn while reading this book, is an island of many cultural customs that have evolved out of a rich history. Presented in the context of three interrelated periods in Cuban history: the Colonial, the Republic, and Castro's Revolution, this book explores Cuba's dynamic culture. Luis also notes the spread of Cuban culture abroad, where a significant part of the Cuban population has lived since the earl 19th century.Students and others interested in this country will find this book to be extraordinarily helpful and informative.


"Each volume has enough topics and in-depth information that any social studies class doing comparative cultures and history will find very useful information here beyond what is in a general encyclopedia or what they can find on that country's Web site....Since the series concentrates on many third world countries and the authors are very knowledgable, we find the series valuable for hard-to-find, in-depth and current cultural information. Recommended." - Blanche Woolls & David Loertscher
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