From Luddism to the First Reform Bill: Reform in England 1810-1832

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This book examines the nature and ideas, as well as the underlying social interests and motives, of the reform movements of the early nineteenth century. Focusing primarily upon movements calling for parliamentary reform, Dinwiddy also pays attention to other agitations of the period, including Luddism, co-operative socialism and the Factory Movement. His analysis, while especially concerned with the politicization of the working classes, covers reformism and its repercussions at middle- and upper-class levels.


Preface. 1. Whig and Middle Class Reformism c. 1810-29. 2. Popular Radicalism c. 1810-29. 3. The Reform Bill Crisis c. 1829-32. 4. The Aftermath of Reform. References and Further Reading. Index.


"Will be of great service to the undergraduate at whom it is primarily aimed. It is thoroughly based on recent research - much of it by the author himself; it is clearly and succinctly written; and it is judicious on the practical and theoretical considerations that motivated reformers. Moreover it is a book which will provoke discussion amongst those already familiar with the subject." Peter Jupp, Parliamentary History
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