Diffusing Geography: Essays Presented to Peter Haggett

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Januar 1991



A volume celebrating the work of the twentieth centurya s leading geographer should in itself be an event of importance for the discipline. This book lives up to that ambition, for in its quality, breadth and originality it reflects the attributes of the man it honours.


List of Plates. List of Figures. List of Tables. Acknowledgements. A Celebration. Part I: Methodology: . 1. A Geographera s Guide to Dialectical Thinking: David Harvey (Johns Hopkins University, USA). 2. Teaching the Spatiality of Geography Concretely with the Abstract: Peter Gould (The Pennsylvania State University, USA). 3. Action in the Everyday Physical World: Torsten Hagerstrand (Lund University, Sweden). Part II: Locational Analysis:. 4. Revisiting the Modifiable Areal Unit Problem and the Ecological Fallacy: Neil Wrigley (University of Southampton, UK). 5. Computable Equilibrium and Spatial Interaction: Bill Macmillan (University of Oxford, UK). 6. Britain at the Heart of Europe?: Michael Chisholm (University of Cambridge, UK). 7. Research and Rural Planning: from Howard Bracey to Discourse Analysis: Paul Cloke (University of Bristol, UK). Part III: Medical Geography:. 8. Estimating Epidemic Return Times: Andrew Cliff (University of Cambridge, UK) and Keith Ord (The Pennsylvania State University, USA). 9. AIDS in Neighbourhoods of San Francisco: Some Geographical Observations on the First Decade of a Local--Area Epidemic: Matthew Smallman--Raynor (University of Exeter, UK). 10. Spatial Point Process Modelling of Cancer Data Within a Geographical Information Systems Framework: Anthony Gatrell (Lancaster University, UK). Part IV: Pacific Studies: . 11. The Shape of Tele--Cost Worlds: the Pacific Islands Case: R. Gerard Ward (Australian National University, Australia). 12. Off the Sheepa s Back? Two Decades of Change in New Zealand: Pip Forer (University of Canterbury, New Zealand). List of Contributors. Author Index. Index. Related Titles: List of IBG Special Publications.


P. R. Gould is Evan Pugh Professor of Geography at the University of Lancaster. A. D. Cliff is University Reader in Theoretical Geography and Fellow of Christa s College and the University of Cambridge. A. G. Hoare is Senior Lecturer in Geography at the University of Bristol. N. Thrift is Professor of Geography at the University of Bristol.
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