Politics in an Antipolitical Age

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Juni 1994



The author offers a challenging and wide-ranging analysis of the crisis of contemporary politics showing that problems which were thought to be peculiar to the Left are now spreading to the whole political system.


Acknowledgements. Introduction. 1. Politics in an Antipolitical Age. 2. The Paradox of Equality. 3. Citizens and Responsibilities. 4. Worlds out of Kilter: The Politics of Balance and Change. 5. What is Television for? The Pursuit of Quality. 6. The Power of the Weak. 7. The Reimagination of the Public Sector. 8. Reticulated Organisation: The Birth and Death of the Mixed Economy. 9. The Renewable Energies of Politics. 10. Democracy Beyond Sovereignty: The Shape of a Postmodern World Order (with Helen Wilkinson). Index.


Geoffrey Mulgan is the author of several previous books including Communication and Control (Polity, 1991). He is also Director and founder of DEMOS, an independent political think-tank based in London.


'A stimulating contribution to the current reorientation of democratic socialist thought.' Third Way 'A profoundly interesting book, addressing the crisis of contemporary politics with a depth of insight and a breadth of vision sadly lacking in most of our current 'political' writing.' New Times 'Every Tory para-intellectual should read this book to see how a clear and informed mind on the left can still pursue the battle of ideas.' The Times Literary Supplement 'This stimulating collection of essays will further enhance Geoff Mulgan's reputation as a political thinker of impressive range and depth.' Renewal 'Subtle, profound and pioneering.' Times Higher Education Supplement 'Politics in an Antipolitical Age is a worthwhile contribution to the debate over the future of the left, and an attempt to understand the non-politicized 'generation X.' As such it and Geoff Mulgan's arguments need to be carefully considered and discussed.' Political Science
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