A Guide to Reproduction: Social Issues & Human Concerns

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April 2008



Examination of the environmental, technological and ethical aspects of human reproductive biology.


Preface and acknowledgements; Part I. Reproductive Biology: 1. Fertility and infertility; 2. Sex determination and gamete maturity; 3. Neuroendocrine control of puberty; 4. Control of the menstrual cycle; 5. The testis and control of spermatogenesis; 6. Sexual behaviour and pheromones; 7. Sociobiology and reproductive success; 8. Fertilization and initiation of development; 9. Maternal physiology during gestation and fetal development; 10. Parturition and lactation: hormonal control; 11. Parental behaviour and the physiology of the neonate; 12. Decline in male reproduction and the menopause; Part II. Reproduction and Social Issues: 13. Population dynamics, stress and the general theory of adaptation; 14. Extinctions and the conservation of endangered species; 15. Artificial control of fertility; 16. Hormonal contributions to errors of sexual differentiation; 17. The acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) epidemic: a global emergency; 18. The effects of nutrition and exercise on the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis; 19. Principles of teratology and an update on nicotine, ethanol and caffeine abuse; 20. Ethical aspects of human reproductive biology; Index.


"As the title implies, Pollard's book about reproduction in all its guises places the subject in the context of social, human, and environmental concerns. The text, though thoroughly based on current biologic, genetic, physiologic, and scientific knowledge, is remarkably readable...The section on the history of artificial control of fertility is particularly interesting and provides the longitudinal perspective so frequently neglected. Highly recommended..." Choice "...Many readers will enthusiastically welcome a written guide to the modern minefield of issues that involve reproductive biology...provides a substantial base for future explorations into the field." Armand Lione, Reproductive Toxicology "Much of the Guide would be useful as a reference text for teachers of prenatal growth and development...Various chapters would also be useful for people interested in Darwinian medicine..." Lynnette E. Leidy, American Journal of Human Biology "...thorough, informative and well-written." Religiouws Studies Review "Readers interested in advanced textbook in biology will enjoy this volume. Descriptions of the biology of reproduction, including anatomy, physiology, and medicine are thorough, informative and well-written." Judy E. Stern, Religious Studies Review
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