International Trade and Finance: Frontiers for Research

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April 2008



The nine papers in this volume were written for a conference on research in international trade and finance held at Princeton University in March 1973.


Part I. Trade, Production, and Domestic Production: 1. Testing Trade Theories Robert M. Stern; 2. The Costs and Consequences of Protection: A Survey of Empirical Work W. M. Corden; 3. Trade Policies and Economic Development Carlos F. Diaz-Alejandro; Part II: Econometric Models of Trade and Payments: 4. Price, Incomes, and Foreign Trade Stephen P. Magee; 5. The Multinational Corporation and Direct Investment G. C. Hufbauer; 6. Empirical Research on Financial Capital Flows Ralph C. Bryant; Part III. Payments Adjustment and the Monetary System: 7. Adjustment under Fixed and Flexible Exchange Rates John Helliwell; 8. International Reserves and Liquidity Benjamin J. Cohen; 9. The LINK Model of World Trade, with Applications to 1972-73 L. R. Klein, C. Moriguchi and A. Van Peeterssen; Part IV. An Overview and Agenda: What We Need to Know: Panel Discussion Charles P. Kindleberger, Hollis B. Chenery, Jagdish Bhagwati, Richard N. Cooper, Wilson Schmidt, Milton Gilbert and Harry G. Johnson.
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