Gene Expression and Manipulation in Aquatic Organisms:

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April 2008



Presents the latest in the new and rapidly expanding area of gene expression in aquatic animals.


Preface; 1. Antifreeze glycopeptide heterogeneity and abundance in Antarctic fishes Chi-Hing C. Cheng; 2. Cold inducible gene transcription: delta-9 desaturases and the adaptive control of membrane lipid composition P. E. Tiku, A. Y. Gracey and A. R. Cossins; 3. Ion transport in teleosts: identification and expression of ion transporting proteins in branchial and intestinal epithelia of the European eel C. P. Cutler, I. L. Sanders, G. Like, N. Hazon and G. Cramb; 4. Temperature and adaptation: selective expression of myosin heavy chain genes and muscle function in carp G. Goldspink; 5. Crustacean genes involved in growth A. J. El Haj; 6. Use of the zebrafish for studies involved in the control of development Qiling Xu, K. Griffin, R. Patient and N. Holder; 7. Myosin heavy chain isogene expression in the carp S. Ennion; 8. Rainbow trout myosin heavy chain polymorphism during development L. Gauvry, C. Perez and B. Fauconneau; 9. Transient expression of reporter genes in fish as a measure of promoter efficiency N. Maclean, M. Samsul Alam, A. Iyengar and A. Popplewell; 10. The use of transient lacZ expression in fish embryos for comparative analysis of cloned regulatory elements F. Muller, L. Gauvry, D. Williams, J. Kobolak, N. Maclean, L. Orban and G. Goldspink; 11. Molecular characterization of prolactin receptor in tilapia P. Prunet, O. Sandra and B. Auperin; Index.


"...the book is an excellent mixture of current methods and trends in molecular biology using aquatic organisms" Duane R. Schultz, Bulletin of Marine Science "...this short collection of selcted topics provides a substantial review of this field of scientific endeavor...these presentations, covering important methods and specific aquatic animal models, will be most appreciated by individuals not directly associated with this active research area. Each of the contributors has provided a focused summary of the important data and questions that are of concern within each of these areas of gene expression." John P. Harrington, Estuaries
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