Subculture to Clubcultures

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In " Subculture to Clubculture " Steve Redhead responds to the separation of 'youth' and 'pop' in the 1980's and the fragmentation of the audience for popular music in the 1990's.


Acknowledgements. Introduction. Part I: Subculture: 1. The Politics of Football Hooliganism. 2. Keeping Off the Grass. 3. The Soccer War. 4. Thatcher's Boys (Next Door). Part II: Subculture into Clubculture: 5. The Rehabilitation of Football. 6. The New (Football) Men. 7. Shamble On. 8. What's so Funny 'Bout Peace, Love and Understanding? 9. The Age of Rock. 10. Down the Tube: Pop on Television. 11. Post-pop. 12. Pop Time, Acid House. 13. Lager Louts and the English Disease. 14. Moynihan Brings Out the Hooligan in Me. 15. Supertifo. Part III: Clubcultures: 16. Oh Manchester, So Much to Answer For. 17. Licensed to Thrill. 18. The Last Generation? 19. Clubcultures. 20. Oasis: (What's the Story) Manchester's Glory? References. Notes. Index.


Steve Redhead is Reader in Law and Popular Culture at the Manchester Metropolitan University. He is Director of the Unit for Law and Popular Culture and Co-Director of the Manchester Institute for Popular Culture at the Manchester Metropolitan University.
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