Life and Action: Elementary Structures of Practice and Practical Thought

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Juni 2008



Using three investigations, this book considers life, action, and practice successively, attempting to exhibit these interrelated concepts as pure categories of thought, and to show how a proper exposition of them must be Aristotelian in character.


* Introduction
Part One: The Representation of Life
* Introductory
* Can Life be Given a Real Definition?
* The Representation of the Living Individual
* The Representation of the Life Form Itself
Part Two: Naive Action Theory
* Introductory
* Types of Practical Explanation
* Naive Explanation of Action
* Action and Time
Part Three: Practical Generality
* Two Tendencies in Practical Philosophy
* Practices and Dispositions as Sources of the Goodness of Individual Actions
* Practice and Disposition as Sources of Individual Actions Themselves
* Index


Michael Thompson is Professor of Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh.


An exceptional piece of philosophy that is a reservoir of deep insights concerning life, action, and practices. The theory of action developed here, in particular, stands among the most significant contributions to action theory in recent years. It is quite simply a "must read" for anyone working in the area. Although Thompson's arguments will be of particular interest to philosophers working in action theory and ethics, they have much to offer those with interest in logic, philosophy of biology, metaphysics, philosophy of language, and philosophy of psychology...Thompson's theory of action is dazzling--deep, original, revolutionary, and in certain respects (I suspect) just plain right. -- Paul Hurley Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 20090201
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