Principles of Inpatient Psychiatry

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November 2008



This book is geared to psychiatrists working in inpatient settings: residents, psychiatrists who occasionally provide inpatient care, and psychiatric "hospitalists" who specialize in the inpatient arena. Inpatient settings contain the sickest psychiatric patients, such as those with a high risk of suicide, agitation requiring emergency management, or treatment-resistant psychosis and depression, all topics discussed in the book. Co-morbid general-medical illness is common, and the book focuses attention, supported by case examples, on medical and neuropsychiatric as well as general-psychiatric evaluation and management. Chapters address special clinical problems, including first-episode psychosis, substance abuse, eating disorders, and legal issues on the inpatient service, and discuss a wide range of treatments, including psychopharmacologic, psychodynamic, and milieu approaches.


APPROACHES The Ins and Outs of 200 Years of Psychiatric Hospitals in the USA Jeffrey L. Geller, Sarah Guzofski, and Margo Lauterbach Psychosocial Approach to the Psychiatric Inpatient Richard Munich Pharmacological Approach to the Psychiatric Inpatient Arash Ansari, David N. Osser, Leonard S. Lai, Paul M. Schoenfeld, and Kenneth C. Potts General-Medical Evaluation and Management of the Psychiatric Inpatient Fred Ovsiew and David Lovinger Neuropsychiatric Approach to the Psychiatric Inpatient Fred Ovsiew Psychiatric Administration L. Mark Russakoff Legal Issues in Inpatient Psychiatry Gabor Vari, Mace Beckson, and Robert Weinstock Psychiatric Education on the Inpatient Unit Cynthia A. Pristach and Subhdeep Virk CLINICAL CONTEXTS Hospital Treatment of Depression and Mania Stan D. Arkow, Susan Turner, and David A. Kahn Electroconvulsive Therapy Walter Knysz, III, and C. Edward Coffey Inpatient Evaluation and Management of First-Episode Psychosis Richard Fraser, Peter Burnett, and Patrick McGorry Inpatient Agitation and Aggression Eila Sailas, Alice Keski-Valkama, and Kristian Wahlbeck Recurrently Readmitted Inpatient Psychiatric Patients: Characteristics and Care William H. Sledge and Christine L. Dunn The Patient with Borderline Personality Disorder Anthony W. Bateman Evaluation and Management of Substance Use Disorders on the Inpatient Psychiatric Unit Christine Yuodelis-Flores, Murray Bennett, Jason Veitengruber, and Richard Ries The Elderly Psychiatric Inpatient Vassilios Latoussakis, Sibel Klimstra, Dimitris N. Kiosses, Balkrishna Kalayam, and George S. Alexopoulos The Brain-Injured or Developmentally Disabled Psychiatric Inpatient David Arciniegas The Medically Ill or Pregnant Psychiatric Inpatient James J. Amos Inpatient Treatment of Eating Disorders Wayne A. Bowers, Arnold Andersen, and Kay Evans The Child or Adolescent Psychiatric Inpatient Flynn O'Malley and Norma V.L. Clarke
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