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Intended as a contribution to the debate concerning the extent to which we are living in a 'post-traditional' world, this book draws together various commentators on these issues and provides insights into the complexities of the role of the past and present.


Preface. 1. Introduction: Detraditionalization and its Rivals: Paul Heelas. Part I: Losing the Traditional: 2. Individualization and 'Precarious Freedoms': Perspectives and Controversies of a Subject-Oriented Sociology: Ulrick Beck and Elisabeth Beck-Gernsheim. 3. Morality in the Age of Contingency: Zygmunt Bauman. 4. Complexity, Structural Contingencies and Value Conflicts: Niklas Luhmann. 5. The Privatization of Religion and Morality: Thomas Luckmann. Part II: Detraditionalization and Traditions Today: 6. Tradition and Self in a Mediated World: John B. Thompson. 7. Identity, Meaning and Globalization: Detraditionalization in Postmodern Space-Time Compression: Thomas W. Luke. 8. Detraditionalization and the Certainty of Uncertain Futures: Barbara Adam. 9. Detraditionalization, Character and the Limits to Agency: Colin Campbell. Part III: Detraditionalization, Human Values and Solidarity: 10. The Foreigner: Richard Sennett. 11. On Things not Being Worse and the Ethic of Humanity: Paul Heelas. 12. Community Beyond Tradition: Paul Morris. 13. Tradition and the Limits of Difference: Scott Lash. Part IV: Dissolving Detraditionalization: 14. Databases as Discourse, or Electronic Interpretations: Mark Poster. 15. Authority and Genealogy of Subjectivity: Nikolas Rose. Index.


"Essential reading for any scholar interested in what it means to be modern today." David Ingram, Loyola University of Chicago
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