Fishing Boats of the World 3

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Januar 1991



The third volume in the series, based on the Food and Agriculture Organization Fishing Boat Congress held in Gothenburg, completes and unparalleled survey of matters relating to fishing vessels in different parts of the world.


Part I: Techno--Socio--Economic Boat Problems. The Influence of Social and Economic Factors on Technological Development in the Fishing Sector (R. Hamlisch). Topographical Factors in Fishing Boat Design (K. Chidhambaram). Techno--Socio--Economic Problems Involved in the Mechanization of Small Fishing Craft (Atsushi Takagi and Yutaka Hirasawa). Discussion. Part II: Performance. Measurements on Two Inshore Fishing Vessels (M. Hatfield). Technical Survey of Traditional Small Fishing Vessels (N. Yokoyama, T. Tsuchiya, T. Kobayashi, Y. Kanayama). Methode de projet des Nouveaux Types de Navires de Peche (E.R. Gueroult). A Statistical Analysis of FAO Resistance data for Fishing Craft (D. J. Doust, J.G. Hayes, T. Tsuchiya). New Possibilities for Improvement in the Design of Fishing Vessels (J. O. Traung, D. J Doust, J.G. Hayes). A Free Surface tank as an Anti--Rolling Device for Fishing Vessels (J.J. van den Bosch). Catamarans as Commercial Fishing Vessels (Frank R. Maclear). Catamarans as Commercial Fishing Vessels--Continued. Discussion. Part III: Materials. Boatyard Facilities (J.F. Fyson). Wood for Fishing Vessels (Gunnar Pedersen). Aluminum and its Use in Fishing Boats (C.W. Leveau). All--Plastic Fishing Vessels (Mitsuo Takehana). A 110--ft Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Trawler (Ralph J. Della Rocca). Comparison Between Plastic and Conventional Boatbuilding Materials (D. Verweij). Discussion. Part IV: Engineering. Technical Experiences of Mechanization of Indigenous Small Craft (E.R. Kvaran). Outboard Engines in Coastal Fishing (E. Estlander and N Fujinami). The Location and Shape of Engine Wells in Dugout Canoes (Thomas C. Gillmer and Oyvind Gulbrandsen). Engine Types and Machinery Installations (Cut Borgenstam). Hydraulic Deck Machinery (Frank C. Vibrans, Jr. and Kurt Bruttinger). Refrigeration Facilities in Small Fishing Boats (Seigoro Chigusa). Discussion. Part V: Design of Small Boats. Developable Hull Surfaces (Ullmann Kilgore). Dugout Canoes and Other Indigenous Small Craft (A. J. Thomas). Fishing Boats for Developing Fisheries (P. Gurtner). Arctic Fishing Vessels and Their Development (K.K. Rasmussen). The Advantages and Uses of High--Speed Fishing Craft (J. Brandlmayr). Discussion. Part VI: Developments. Recent US Combination Fishing Vessels (Luther H. Blount and Edward A. Schaefers). Recent Developments in Japanese Tuna Longliners (J. Kazama). Development of Japanese Stern Trawlers (Tatsuo Shimizu). Small Stern Trawlers (W. M. Reid). New Trends in Stern Fishing (Jan F. Minnee). Discussion. References.
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