The Social Psychology of Stereotyping and Group Life

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Examines how stereotypes are structured by social identities and the relations between groups. This book tackles a range of problems in sterotyping and related literatures: including the question of sterotype accuracy, why stereotypes develop and are shared, and how stereotypes and sterotyping impact upon people's self-esteem and self-definition.


Acknowledgements. List of Contributors. 1. Introduction: The Social Psychology of Stereotyping and Group Life. Russell Spears, Penelope J. Oakes, Naomi Ellemers and S. Alexander Haslam. 2. Stereotypes as Explanations: A Subjective Essentialistic View of Group Perception. Vincent Yzerbyt, Steve Rocher and Georges Schadron. 3. Asking the Accuracy Question: Is Measurement the Answer?. Penelope J. Oakes and Katherine J. Reynolds. 4. Changing the Stereotype of the Stereotype. Stephen Worcel and Hank Rothgerber. 5. Stereotype Construction as a Strategy of Influence. Stephen Reicher, Nick Hopkins and Susan Condor. 6. Stereotyping and Social Influence: Foundations of Stereotype Consensus. S. Alemxander Haslam. 7. Stereotype Formation: Beyond Illusionary Correlation. Craig McGarty and Anne-Marie de la Haye. 8. Stereotyping and the Burden of Cognitive Load. Russell Spears and S. Alexander Haslam. 9. Stereotyping in Social Context. Naomi Ellemers and Ad van Knippenberg. 10. Categorization, Recategorization and Common Ingroup Identity. Phyllis Anatasio, Betty Bachman, Samuel Gaertner and John Dovidio. 11. Stereotyping under Threat: The Role of Group Identification. Bertjan Doosje and Naomi Ellemers. 12. Interdependence, Social Identity and Discrimination. Richrad Y. Bourhis, John C. Turner and Andre Gagnon. 13. The Self-esteem Hypothesis Revisited: Differentiation and the Disaffected. Karen Long and Russell Spears. 14. Self and Group in Modern Society: Ten Theses on the Individual Self and the Collective Self. Bernd Simon. 15. Commentary: Individual, Group and System Levels of Aanlysis and their Relevance for Stereotyping and Intergroup Relations. Charles Stangor and John T. Jost. References. Author Index. Subject Index.


Russell Spears is Professor of Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. Penelope J. Oakes is a Senior Lecturer in psychology at the Australian National University. Naomi Ellemers is a Lecturer at the Free University of Amsterdam. S. Alexander Haslam is a Lecturer at the Australian National University.


"... it is a 'must read' for all who are looking for an up-to-date and in-depth analysis of social stereotypes and stereotyping." Thomas Eckes, Bergische University, Germany "This is a volume that should be read-and definetly will be talked about-by all researches interested in stereotyping and intergroup relations. The research and theoretical developments presented demand a profound reassessment, their social consequences, and the ideological functions served. This excellent collection of chapters represents a major leap forward in our understanding of stereotyping processes from an intergroup perspective." Professor Nyla R. Branscombe, University of Kansas
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