Leadership and School Boards: Guarding the Trust

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School boards have the potential to build an extraordinary future for our children. The leadership of the school board can launch the potential in every child and educator in their schools, or it can cripple and discourage learning communities. Elected trustees play a critical role in today's school systems. As policy-makers, governors and community representatives, they influence the direction and achievement of schools within their jurisdiction. Administrators new to the school board table must quickly acquire comprehensive knowledge of the mandate and purpose of the school board, and how to work with trustees to lead the school district to attain its educational goals. Exploring facets of school board governance such as the role of democracy, public finance, accountability, purposeful meetings, and how to work with the personalities at the table, this book offers foundational training for board members and general knowledge for persons interested in knowing what school trustees actually do. Thoroughly understanding the purpose of the school board, and what it means to 'guard the trust' on behalf of the citizenry is critical to improved schools and quality education.


Chapter 1 Losing Democracy: The Decline of Local Governance Chapter 2 Confused Democracy: Influences on the School Board Chapter 3 Sustaining Democracy: Working Together Chapter 4 Fighting For Democracy: Beyond Mediocrity Chapter 5 Upholding Democracy: Integrity in Leadership Chapter 6 Building Democracy: Mindful Decisions Chapter 7 Responsible Democracy: Leaders Produce Real Results Chapter 8 Active Democracy: Deliberate Choices Chapter 9 Reclaiming Democracy: Uniquely the School Board


Laura Reimer is on the faculty at the University of Winnipeg.


This book presents excellent insight into problems and solutions for anyone interested or involved in the educational system of a democratic society. -- Donald R. Canfield, former superintendent, Nebraska Christian Schools, Central City, Nebraska and former principal, Laramie County School, Wyoming This book will be a tremendous resource to both new and seasoned trustees in understanding their role as governors of public education. Laura writes from personal experience and knowledge of trusteeship. This book is long overdue. -- Jim Murray, chairperson, School Division Board of Trustees, Brandon School Division, Manitoba, Canada and former vice-president, Manitoba As Laura Reimer has presented a much-needed book that balances the practical with the philosophical elements of school board governance. This book will serve as a trusted reference. -- Dr. Laura Sokal, associate professor and associate dean, Faculty of Education, University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada [This book] is a welcome addition to the literature and fills a lacunae in that area of politics and policy. This neglected dimension of political activity is covered by a person who not only has the academic understanding but also the practical experience of involvement as a trustee. -- Laverne Lewycky, professor, Atlantic Baptist University, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada This remarkable book should be required reading for prospective school board members, administrators, teachers, and (at the very least) the involved and interested parents. It is organized, thorough, clear, and concise, clearly pointing school board members to effective governance and appropriate action...Laura Reimer shows how the school board can significantly affect student achievement, and be instrumental in preparing them to become productive citizens. She points out that the school board must provide the resources the educators require for meeting desired goals. -- Evelyn Hodel, former principal, Woodlake Union School District (CA) For good or bad, the administration of schools rests with school boards composed of elected trustees. In both Canada and the U.S., trustees are charged with setting the policies and procedures to ensure that children are well-educated. At the same time, trustees must balance the competing interests of citizens, parents, students, teachers, and a number of unions. In the complex world of schools, some trustees and some boards have lost sight of their educational responsibilities. [This book] will help trustees refocus their attention on their most important responsibilities, first, by working more cooperatively, and second, by establishing better policies and procedures for administering schools. -- Rodney A. Clifton, professor, Sociology of Education, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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