Bounce and Jiggle

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September 2007



Devoting time to special activities with your baby plays a crucial part in the bonding process. Singing, accompanied by energetic activities, encourages babies to express their emotions, release tension - and just enjoy being noisy!


Baby Gym series " ...perfect for babies in every way ... would make a wonderful baby shower gift for expectant parents or are a perfect gift to give to parents of newborns. Books that encourage parents to share language, rhyme, song and touch with their little ones are the best gift possible. ... They also would be wonderful additions to public library collections needing more good examples of books for the youngest patrons, and could also be used in baby storytimes, with a librarian modeling how to perform the rhymes." -- Sue McLeaf Nespeca Early Literacy/Children's Literature Specialist 20110401 "The colorful illustrations and interactive rhymes encourage "hands-on" reading." The Reading Tub 20110401
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Untertitel: 'Baby Gym'. 12 colour illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: Child's Play International Ltd
Erscheinungsdatum: September 2007
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