Numerical Analysis

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Januar 1987



A global zero residual least squares method.
Efficient primal algorithms for strictly convex quadratic programs.
Location of multiple equilibrium configurations near limit points by a double dogleg strategy and tunnelling.
Considerations of numerical analysis in a sequential quadratic programming method.
Remarks on a continuous finite element scheme for hyperbolic equations.
An efficient modular algorithm for coupled nonlinear systems.
Optimization of multistage processes described by differential-algebraic equations.
Polynomial iteration for nonsymmetric indefinite linear systems.
Viewing the conjugate gradient method as a trust region algorithm.
An efficient strategy for utilizing a merit function in nonlinear programming algorithms.
Rates of convergence for secant methods on nonlinear problems in hilbert space.
The construction of preconditioners for elliptic problems by substructuring.
Some superconvergence results for mixed finite element methods for linear parabolic problems.
Nodal methods for the numerical solution of partial differential equations.
Singular perturbation problems in semiconductor devices.
Stability of capillary waves on deep water.
A block 5(4) explicit runge-kutta formula with "free" interpolation.
Sequential step control for integration of two-point boundary value problems.
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