Issues Central to Behavioural Studies

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Are dolphins self-aware? Are they conscious? Can they read minds or respond to subtle cues? Are they able to learn or understand commands? These questions and others are explored along with the popular question: do dolphins suffer from stress? The reactions of various cetacean species to different stressors; net entanglement, noise & tour boats, and others, are outlined and show that not all species, or individuals of the same species react in the same way to an identical stressor. Other subjects covered include; anthropomorphism, in other words, attributing human feelings to animal behaviour, why conducting behavioural research on wild animal populations is so challenging, difficulties using common behavioural terms, bias and issues surrounding collection of standard data sets. Habituation, sensitisation, fixed action patterns and genetics are also briefly discussed. References are given throughout the book, particularly in regard to the use of proven research methodologies that allow behavioural observations of marine mammals from land-based and sea-based positions. The book ends encouraging would-be researchers to embrace the challenge of behavioural studies.


Georgia-Rose Travis, Ph.D. Studied a Bachelor or Science, Post Graduate Diploma in Zoology, and a Masters in Science Education (with Distinction) at the University of Canterbury and went on to Doctoral studies in Ecology and Conservation at Lincoln University, New Zealand. She is a world expert in Hectors dolphin behaviour at Timaru and Lyttelton.
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