Whanau Identity and Whanau Development are Interdependent

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Whanau is a concept that belongs to Te Ao Maori (Maori world view). Whanau is commonly recognised in New Zealand as synonymous with family and including extended family. The development of whanau has endured societal influence prompting responses to these influences from Maori society. This explores the notion whanau is not simply a grouping within M?ori society, but an aspect of cultural identity central to it's continued development. Modernisation demonstrates the impact of an ethnocentric theory on the concept and experience of whanau - culturally, socially, economically and spiritually. Not withstanding this, whanau remains the constant in Maori development as a people. While modernisation impacts the structural, functional and relational aspects of whanau, whanau remains paramount to cultural identity. There are many contributions to a secure whanau identity providing foundation as well as a vehicle to progress Maori development. Observers of indigenous culture and the maintenance of custom & protocol will appreciate the material discussed in this book.


Kim H Penetito, MA: Studied Maori Development at Auckland University of Technology. New Zealand.
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