Pade Approximations and its Applications

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Juli 1984



Some determinantal identities in a vector space, with applications.
Some convergence results in simultaneous rational approximation to the set of hypergeometric functions {1F1(1;ci;z)} i=1 n .
Zeros of a rational function defined by its Laurent expansion.
Formule d'Erreur dans l'Interpolation Rationnelle Multipoints d'une Fonction de la Variable Complexe.
Utilisation de l'invariance Homographique dans les Algorithmes de Losange.
The mechanism of the multivariate Pade process.
Operations sur des Familles de Suites et Accelerabilite.
The Padé Approximants in a Non-Commutative Algebra and their Applications.
Conditions Suffisantes d'Acceleration de la Convergence.
Generalised inverse vector valued rational interpolation.
Multipoints rational approximants.
Order stars and the structure of Padé tableaux.
Modification of continued fractions.
Solitary waves, padeons and solitons.
Riccati acceleration of Jacobi continued fractions and Laguerre-Hahn orthogonal polynomials.
? fractions and the strong hamburger moment problem.
Padé-type approximants for multivariate series of functions.
Pade approximations in the numerical solution of hyperbolic differential equations.
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