Stochastic Spatial Processes

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Oktober 1986



Proceedings of a Conference held in Heidelberg, September 10 - 14, 1984


Stochastic spatial processes in biology: A concise historical survey.- Tests for space-time clustering.- Age distributions in birth and death processes.- Critical clustering in the two dimensional voter model.- Measure-valued processes Construction, qualitative behavior and stochastic geometry.- Dual processes in population genetics.- Some peculiar properties of a particle system with sexual reproduction.- Computer simulation of developmental processes in biology: Models for the developing limb.- Asymptotics and spatial growth of branching random fields.- Generation-dependent branching processes with immigration: convergence of distributions.- On a class of infinite particle systems evolving in a random environment.- Percolation processes and dimensionality.- Birth and death processes with killing and applications to parasitic infections.- Limit theorems for multitype branching random walks.- On the reproduction rate of the spatial general epidemic.- Nearest particle systems: Results and open problems.- Neutral models of geographical variation.- Stochastic measure diffusions as models of growth and spread.- L 2 convergence of certain random walks on Z d and related diffusions.- Random fields: Applications in cell biology.- Correlated percolation and repulsive particle systems.
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