Topology and Geometry - Rohlin Seminar

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August 1988



This volume is a collection of papers dedicated to the memory of V. A. Rohlin (1919-1984) - an outstanding mathematician and the founder of the Leningrad topological school. It includes survey and research papers on topology of manifolds, topological aspects of the theory of complex and real algebraic varieties, topology of projective configuration spaces and spaces of convex polytopes.


On some problems in symplectic topology.
The structure of 1-dimensional wave fronts, non-standard legendrian loops and Bennequin's theorem.
Massey operations in the cohomology of the infinite dimensional Lie algebra L1.
New zeta functions for dynamical systems and Nielsen fixed point theory.
Invariant portrait of Hamiltonian integrable in Liouville sense.
On normal form of distribution jets.
Analytical theory of homotopy groups.
On stable manifolds for class of two-dimensional diffeomorphisms.
Some integral calculus based on Euler characteristic.
Obstructions to the existence of free nonholonomic structure on a smooth manifold.
Non-diffeomorphic but homeomorphic knottings of surfaces in the 4-sphere.
Automorphisms of Teichmüller modular groups.
Classification of oriented montesinos links via spin structures.
Towards the topological classification of geometric 3-manifolds.
Classification of simply-connected topological 6-manifolds.
Plane real projective quartic curves.
Nonamphicheiral surfaces of degree 4 in ?P3.
Extensions of the Gudkov-Rohlin congrunce.
Isotopy classification of plane seventh degree curves with the only singular point Z15.
Incomplete intersections and degenerations of complete intersections.
Projective varieties defined by small number of equations are complete intersections.
On the classification of non-singular curves of degree 8.
New M- and (M-1)-curves of degree 8.
On topological properties of spaces of polytopes.
Configurations of seven points in ?P3.
The universality theorems on the classification problem of configuration varieties and convex polytopes varieties.
Isotopic but not rigidly isotopic plane systems of straight lines.
Topology of the convex polytopes' manifolds, the manifold of the projective configurations of a given combinatorial type and representations of lattices.
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