Varieties of Lattices

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Dezember 1992



The study of lattice varieties is a field that has
experienced rapid growth in the last 30 years, but many of
the interesting and deep results discovered in that period
have so far only appeared in research papers. The aim of
this monograph is to present the main results about modular
and nonmodular varieties, equational bases and the
amalgamation property in a uniform way. The first chapter
covers preliminaries that make the material accessible to
anyone who has had an introductory course in universal
algebra. Each subsequent chapter begins with a short
historical introduction which sites the original references
and then presents the results with complete proofs (in
nearly all cases). Numerous diagrams illustrate the beauty
of lattice theory and aid in the visualization of many
proofs. An extensive index and bibliography also make the
monograph a useful reference work.


General results.
Modular varieties.
Nonmodular varieties.
Equational bases.
Amalgamation in lattice varieties.
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