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Want to build Facebook applications that truly stand out among the thousands already available? In addition to providing easy-to-follow recipes that offer practical ways to design and build scalable applications using the Facebook Platform and its new profile design, this Cookbook also explains proven strategies for attracting users in this highly competitive environment.

With plenty of examples and practical solutions, Facebook Cookbook answers some of the hardest questions Facebook application developers contend with -- including how and where to get started. This Cookbook will help you:
* Learn to build an application that scales to accommodate a sudden influx of users
* Explore changes from Facebook's old profile design to the new look and feel
* Take advantage of new integration points in the new profile design
* Get tips for designing applications with hosting and deployment costs in mind
* Discover which widgets and controls to use for building the most attractive user interface design
* Learn the differences between standard HTML, JavaScript, and SQL, and the versions used on the Facebook Platform
* Target large, defined groups on Facebook, including those who want to find jobs, hire employees, market a business, advertise, and more

If you can build simple web applications with HTML, Facebook Cookbook will help you build applications with the potential to reach millions of users around the globe. Learn what it takes to design applications that stand above the rest.


Jay Goldman has been providing a human side to technology for over
ten years, as both a User Experience Specialist and Visual Designer.
His career has been focused on the interaction between people and
technology, and his insights have helped to greatly improve products
on mobile, web, and desktop platforms, including IBM DB2 and Mozilla
Firefox. Jay led Radiant Core's Professional Services Team on a wide
variety of award winning engagements across many industries, and is
now helping tech startups to change the world as a consultant on
products, technology, and design. He has been instrumental in the
continued growth of the BarCamp community in Toronto and was one of
the co-conductors of the very successful TransitCamp event held in
partnership with the Toronto Transit Commission.
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