School Bullying

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Although there is general agreement in the research with the present accounting of the incidence of school bullying, and of the long-term consequences to self-esteem and mental health, little is known about what initiates and maintains bullying. A review of the literature reveals that school bullying is usually attributed to maladapted individuals, and is associated with aggression, primitive levels of moral behaviour, and the instrumental use and misuse of power. Past personal history, attachment experiences and the influence of cultural models may be included as contributing factors for aggression, but none of these factors tells the whole story. There is a rich history of research and philosophy concerning aggression, but still little understanding.


Dr. Battaglio has over two decades of experience teaching and counselling K to college, with a B.Ed., an M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia. Currently she works part-time as an elementary school counsellor, in between making various community presentations on bullying, and conducting groups and workshops on various mental health issues for CMHA (Canadian Mental Health Association).
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