Australian Porcine Circoviruses

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Mai 2008



Two types of porcine circovirus (PCV) exist, referred to as PCV1 and PCV2. PCV2 has been associated with disease syndromes in pigs, including that designated postweaning multisystemic wasting syndrome (PMWS), which has been identified in all regions of the world bar Australia.
Although PMWS has not been reported in Australia, information on the distribution, variation and further characterisation of PCV in Australian pigs was necessary as it might provide insights into why there is no PCV-associated disease in this country.
The results reported in this thesis involved the detection and further study of porcine circovirus in Australia.
The detection and characterisation of Australian PCV as described in this study has provided further information on the status of PCV in the Australian pig herd, and also developed diagnostic tests to assist in future research. These tools will be important when assessing and managing the risk of Australia experiencing PCV-associated diseases.


Jill Muhling was awarded a PhD in Virology in 2006 from Murdoch University, Perth Western Australia. She is currently working on viruses for use in gene therapy for neurological diseases and injuries.
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