Ring Theory, Waterloo 1978

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August 1979



On totally ordered groups, and K0.
Semiprime crossed products.
Biserial rings.
The state space of KO of a ring.
Simple noetherian rings - The zalesskii-neroslavskii examples.
Anneaux de polynomes semi-hereditaires.
Lower K-theory, regular rings and operator algebras - A survey.
Principal ideal theorems.
Modules over the cyclic group of prime order.
Remarks on the projective dimension of ?-unions.
Actions de groupes et anneaux reguliers injectifs.
K2 of some truncated polynomial rings.
Is the brauer group generated by cyclic algebras?.
K-theory of noetherian group rings.
The cancellation problem for projective modules and related topics.
Modules over fully bounded noetherian rings.
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