Harmonic Analysis

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Dezember 1991



All papers in this volume are original (fully refereed)research reports by participants of the special program onHarmonic Analysis held in the Nankai Institute ofMathematics. The main themes include: Wavelets, SingularIntegral Operators, Extemal Functions, H Spaces, HarmonicAnalysis on Local Domains and Lie Groups, and so on. Seealso :G. David "Wavelets and Singular Integrals on Curvesand Surfaces", LNM 1465,1991.FROM THE CONTENTS: D.C. Chang: Nankai Lecture in -NeumannProblem.- T.P. Chen, D.Z. Zhang: Oscillary Integral withPolynomial Phase.- D.G. Deng, Y.S. Han: On a GeneralizedParaproduct Defined by Non-Convolution.- Y.S. Han: HBoundedness of Calderon-Zygmund Operators for ProductDomains.- Z.X. Liu, S.Z. Lu: Applications of H|rmanderMultiplier Theorem to Approximation in Real Hardy Spaces.-R.L. Long, F.S. Nie: Weighted Sobolev Inequality andEigenvalue Estimates of Schr|dinger Operator.- A. McIntosh,Q. Tao: Convolution Singular Integral Operators on LipschitzCurves.- Z.Y. Wen, L.M.Wu, Y.P. Zhang: Set of Zeros ofHarmonic Functions of Two Variables.- C.K. Yuan: On theStructures of Locally Compact Groups Admitting InnerInvariant Means.


Nankai lecture in -Neumann problem.- Duality of H 1 and BMO on positively curved manifolds and their characterizations.- Oscillatory integral with polynomial phase.- On a generalized paraproduct defined by non-convolution.- H p boundedness of claderón-Zygmund operators for product domains.- A ? condition characterized by maximal geometric mean operator.- A weighted norm inequality for oscillatory singular integrals.- The nilpotent Lie group G d+2 and a class of differential operators with multiple characteristics.- Characterization of BMO p sq - functions by generalized Carleson measure.- Besov spaces of paley-wiener type.- The weak H p spaces on homogeneous groups.- Applications of Hörmander multiplier theorem to approximation in real Hardy spaces.- Weighted norm inequalities for the restriction of fourier transform to S n?1.- Weighted sobolev inequality and eigenvalue estimates of Schrödinger operators.- Convolution singular integral operators on lipschitz curves.- Multipliers from L 1 (G) to a reflexive segal algebra.- Weighted norm inequalities for certain maximal operators with approach regions.- The hausdorff dimension of a class of lacunary trigonomitric series.- Hermitian nilpotent lie groups: Harmonic analysis as spectral theory of Laplacians.- Weak coupling asymptotics of schrodinger operators with stark effect.- Set of zeros of harmonic functions of two variables.- Ergodic theorem for the functions with uniform mean.- On the structures of locally compact groups admitting inner invariant means.- Harmonic boundaries and poisson integrals on symmetric spaces.- On p-adic cantor function.
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