Charge-Coupled Devices

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In this study we investigate the performance characteristics of modern scientific Charge-Coupled Devices (CCDs).
After a brief introduction of the basic principles of CCDs, a systematic study of dark current, caused by thermally excited electrons, is presented. An outline of a software solution to automatically correct for dark current is described. It is further shown that the temperature dependence of the dark current of different pixels follows the Meyer-Neldel rule (MNR). The MNR is the result of two separate thermally activated processes.
In the second half of the book a model is presented that quantitatively explains the occurrence of residual images, so called ghosts, by the presence of trapping sites in the depletion region.
Finally, the experimental data for the charge diffusion in the field-free region and an analytical model are presented. This model can be used to calculate the spatial resolution or point-spread function of back-illuminated sensors.
This work will be of interest to engineers and scientists working with semiconductors, in particular to those involved in the design of digital imagers.


Ralf Widenhorn, PhD: Received his Vordiplom in Physics from University of Konstanz in 1997, his M.S. in Physics in 2000 and his Doctorate in Environmental Sciences and Resources/Physics in 2005 both from Portland State University (PSU). He has published numerous papers on digital imagers and is currently a researcher and assistant professor at PSU.
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